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Oct 30, 2013

Last week I sent out an email to my subscribers about the 3 things every entrepreneur needs to be happy. It was one of my most popular emails with a 30% response rate increase. One of the responses I received was from one of my loyal listeners, Dani-Lee. She wrote in and shared that after 2 years of running a...

Oct 21, 2013

Marcus Burrell is the Chief Operating Officer of Victory Mobile LLC, a branding and digital marketing firm based in Detroit, MI. He oversees the daily operations and growth of the firm.  He is the managing partner of In The Black Suites, a commercial real estate firm and also owns The Ultra 1 Consulting Group and The...

Oct 14, 2013

In this episode we will talk about the five friends you need to grow your business and help position you to become more successful. You will learn

  • The best type of friend you need to when you're stuck in the rut
  • What "constructive criticism" really means and who you listen to 
  • How to get your ideas out of your...

Oct 7, 2013

Kimberly Seltzer is a Image Expert, Therapist and Matchmaker. Kimberly is the Founder of Elite Image Makeovers, where she helps people unlock their best selves. She has been featured in Cosmo, Huffington Post, Fox News, Yahoo Shine and many other media outlets. 

In this episode of Entrepreneur 2.0 you will learn:

  • The...