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Dec 16, 2013

Melanie Benson Strick, known as America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer, has a gift for guiding fast-paced, overwhelmed, driven entrepreneurs to thrive in their small business. With over 13 years mentoring thought leaders and big thinking entrepreneurs, Melanie is a liberator – uncovering costly breakdowns and de-railers while re-energizing profits– ultimately freeing the entrepreneur to do more of what they do best.

In this episode of Entrepreneur 2.0 you will learn:

  • How to shift your belief system to have a major business breakthrough 
  • How to impact more people and get more financial return for your efforts
  • How to reverse engineer your mindset to succeed in business
  • Money vs. Lifestyle - Do you really have to choose?
  • What your mindset blueprint is and how it can be killing your business
  • The two most common mindsets and how to become a thriver
  • How to have consistent predictable cash-flow
  • What ways you can make more money in 2014
  • How to package your products/services to automate your business
  • and lots more...