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Apr 21, 2014

Courtney Camille McKenzie is the award-winning CEO and President of Crowned Public Relations, Inc a leading digital public relations firm that helps fortune 500 companies share their story in a unique way to connect with new customers worldwide. Courtney's mission is to help 100,000 entrepreneurs worldwide grow their business and build their brand.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why you should be thinking about refreshing your brand to connect with new customers
  • Why "being bored" should never be your reasoning from rebrand your business
  • How to keep customers engaged and enthusiastic about your rebrand and your new company image
  • How to find your "It Factor" to make your new brand better than all your competition and 4x better than it's ever been
  • Why every entrepreneur needs to have a think tank and strategy session with their team and a business coach
  • The wrong and right way to launch your rebrand
  • The most important thing to think about before you even think about relaunching
  • The step-by-step format for creating a rebrand launch plan
  • and lots more