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Apr 7, 2014

Jason Hartman is the President of Platinum Properties Investor Network,
which recently celebrated 14 years in business and now offers income
properties in 41 markets throughout the United States. He's also a media
and marketing entrepreneur who hosts more than 15 different podcasts. His
shows have a global audience in 26 countries and are frequently ranked at
the top of iTunes.

Jason's business is worth 7-figures, and he only works a few hours a day. He
has more than 50 contracted employees, and his business runs in a
systematized fashion.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The only factor between successful entrepreneurs and the not so successful
  • How to create multiple businesses without spreading yourself too thin
  • How to keep you ego in check when it comes to running your business
  • The power of consistency and how it can make or break your business
  • The new angle of business and why you have little or no excuse of failing
  • The 3 primary ways to market your business
  • and lots more